Equalizer Extreme distance 100ft 30.48m head

“Place our experience in your Hands”

“ 70.63 metres, No other line has been cast further on an 18ft rod in competition”

I specifically designed the new Extreme Distance 100ft 30.48m head profile based on a line that I designed from three separate fly lines sections which were spliced together, this experimental profile turned out to be the line that made history, casting the phenomenal distance of 70.63metres, and breaking the World Record four times in one weekend.

This new Gaelforce ‘Equalizer’ Extreme Distance 100ft 30.48m head is the Ultimate in distance casting efficiency. The combined knowledge, experience and expertise of the Gaelforce Team has been collectively gathered and incorporated into this extraordinary aerodynamic one piece fly line. You can now benefit from our long experience in this field and there is no longer any need to buy two or three fly lines to cut and splice in order to produce a world class distance line. Designed, developed and extensively tested, this line profile has produced World Champions and World Records. A must have if 18 foot Extreme distance is your aim.

This new one piece specialist distance line was designed specifically for use with 16 foot to 18 foot rods. This line profile and unique coating excels in distance casting environments.

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Equalizer Extreme Distance Head 100ft 30.48m
“Place our experience in your Hands” A distance casting line that excels on 16-18ft rods. . Th..
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